Easy Time Travel

Easy Time Travel

Absolute time travel is easy – we do it all the time. Every second of our life, every moment of existence. Relative time travel is just as easy, each and every movement ticks a clock. We could do it forever –  as long as the Universe is never still. That is the end. But there is a more difficult, complex, form of time travel, that occurs within us. It is how we capture images of things that are yet to be. A future portrayed in mental images. Senses interpreted. Words connecting. A yellow Earth revealed in our future. The manifestation of electronic images snared in one time revealed in another. The ordinary in its ordinariness transformed by a tint of yellow.

Sometimes we travel in a past, sometimes in a present, always aiming for a future. Anchored by images, here, on this website, photographs revealing another time. Surreal themes displaying photos of moments captured, a present in a future yellow air. The yellow air of Yellow Earth.

The Enigmatic Monuments theme ( Enigmatic Monuments )  reveals photos of presents I captured, presents in that yellow air. Some of the monuments will be familiar, iconic, captured in books, films and photos around the world. Others known only to locals, caught in a moment of passing. But this collection is unique, images I froze in another time when the air was yellow and World’s future pivoted on the fate of one person – she stood and stands alone, whilst amidst us all. That time that was the present is now our future.

These images are shared in hope, a hope that these images help you more surely step into that moment, but be careful if you breathe the air. It’s transformation for some, for others, another story.

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