New information on Yellow Earth

New information on Yellow Earth

With the launch of Yellow Earth on Amazon Kindle, I have updated the description of the book.


The world in her sight, yellow air enclosing all.


An alien spaceship hovers above London threatening the world. It does not attack, it does not communicate. The air we breathe turns yellow and everything changes. In the chaos, the US president disabled, the Russians seize the opportunity to destroy London, moving to control the world. Only one man can see through the chaos to the real threat, a young genius. Governments will not listen but he has found someone more powerful.

Repressed, ignored, invisible all her life Pale is chosen by the aliens. Granted superpowers to fly and shape the air to her will. Apocalypse looming, she must overcome her sense of hopelessness to stop Humanity fighting a war they cannot win. She has two options, one will save the world. A science fiction thriller that will keep you hooked to the end.


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