Why this web style?

Why this web style?

This refers to the original web style, white borders set against the yellow backdrop of Yellow Earth. I liked this style, it was very different, very effective. The web pages and style were changed in July 17 to complement more book styles, particularly The Princess Behind. It is an interesting reflection on a previous vision and what has changed and what remains.

I chose this web style and imagery because it is like watching another world through a window – the central image draws us into the greater picture. The clean, clear white contrasts with background icons of London caught in the swirl of yellow. The icons, St Paul’s Cathedral, ‘Big Ben’, Nelson’s Column Trafalgar Square, partially concealed, may be damaged, or simply lost in the thickening mist. The yellow photos, framed by the white, slide over the background like passing windows. The colours similar, complementary. Thus, on the Welcome page, here, we see an image of a yellow London, smaller than the background yet with a wider perspective. Pale, we may assume, stands unmoving, as visible as a ghost. Taller than the icons, surveying all. But she is on the edge, the significance of which probably resonates more deeply with those who have read the novel.


Through the Window


On the website you will see that various relationships form between the images. The overall impression may vary with each device, the images here are from an Apple MacBook pro, portable computer.

White heat


In comparison, the black and white images representing key characters, contrast starkly with the background. Where they might have merged with the panels, they are constrained by their frames. The characters at one and the same time, revealed and mystified.

This photo was from the Character series, associating images with key characters, revealing a little e bit more about them.

The current web style provides a creative space for New Found Fairy Tales and Science Fiction.



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