A Children’s Fairytale

A Children’s Fairytale

I have published a new story, a children’s fairytale. It is very different from the science fiction novel. It is for older children and adults who enjoy traditional fairy stories with unexpected twists. The tale is about a young girl and boy caught in a land of strange traditions. The girl is a princess, but not like the princesses we know, everywhere she goes, she has a maid in front, blocking her view. Princess Samantha has never looked along a corridor, never peered through a window, never seen her reflection in a mirror, because there is always a maid in front. Perhaps, Princess Samantha hopes,  one day, she see herself in a mirror.

The story is also about a young boy, Frederick, an apprentice under-waiter. It is an important and ancient job. Under-waiters wait under the Royal Breakfast Table, poised to jump out and serve the royal family. But Frederick is distracted, there is something else he longs to do.

One day, Princess Samantha and Frederick meet, and their world changes. Frederick does not do his work, distracted by something no one else can see. Frederick is condemned, no one can save him. But there is one who dares try. And that changes everything.

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