Yellow Earth – a science fiction novel

Yellow Earth – a science fiction novel


Yellow Earth, a science fiction novel revealing a new threat approaching our world, as if we did not have enough problems already.  The day starts like any ordinary morning, except for the news that an asteroid is hurtling towards Tokyo – which will probably wipe out 80% of life – eventually. Not the sort of thing to immediately stop people going to work or shopping – Tokyo is some distance away from most people. However, an alien spacecraft appears over London, which causes quite a disturbance in the south-east of England and a few other places around the world. Things are looking a little more serious -especially when the air starts turning yellow and people realise it is affecting them. The alien craft does not appear to do anything except hover high in the air, but that type of uninvited visit is bound to be viewed as a threat, and a little impolite. The world powers apparantly have no alternative but to bomb the craft to determine if it is warlike or actually very friendly.

All will be revealed

Fortunately, one woman has the power – and the sense – to try and sort things out- the superhero doesn’t always have to be a man. Unfortunately, she is dying, and having been ignored most of her life, is a bit lacking in confidence. Fortunately, there is a man to give advice and support – of course being men, it does require three of them to give that particular level of emotional support. After one or two rather daunting escapades – that’s life if you’re a superhero – she has to make a choice – to save the world or just continue being ignored. Unfortunately for Humankind, saving the world is not always the best option – tricky choice.

And so the story unfolds…

Yellow Earth is available on Amazon Kindle and Apple iBooks.  Enjoy.

A book of two covers.

Yellow Earth: Amazon

The air is yellow

Yellow Earth: iBooks

Don’t look through your window if you fear the world is yellow
All will be revealed

See Yellow Earth Characters and Waiting to Die (in the above menu) to read the opening pages.

You can also read a free sample on this website:     Preview Sample  

So many options, so many choices.

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