Pale Science Fiction

Pale Science Fiction

Gravity has been kind to me – I have few wrinkles. Gravity has also been kind to a special few, destined to fly. Pale was not one of those. With the name Pale Sudds, she did not expect to be destined for something special.

It’s not how I see myself in the morning

Yet there was something special about Pale, she could have been anybody, male or female, who at some time in their life has been ignored. But Pale, stirred with a resilience she did not know she possessed. Like so many, she had a choice. And like so many, she had no choice, not believing the choice was hers.

Pale was chosen, from the billions of humans living on our planet. The aliens saw something in Pale that no other saw.

So many mysterious corridors, paths to chose, worlds to see. Who knew they existed?

The worlds of science fiction and fairy tales are one, viewed with different eyes. Incredible lives in ordinary places. Ordinary lives in incredible places.

Chris Before