About the Illustrator

About the Illustrator

Amber:  Illustrator of The Princess Behind

I am really pleased Amber agreed to create the drawings to illustrate “The Princess and the Boy Who Draws Wolves”, “The Princess Behind” and Zena the Wonderful Beetle”. Amber has an extraordinary ability to create wonderful poignant and atmospheric paintings and drawings. Her artistic eye captures the essence of the scene in unexpected ways.

“The bear is wondering why he cannot reach the moon when it is so close.” (The Princess Behind)

Amber has drawn fantastic images for each chapter of ‘The Princess and the Boy Who Draws Wolves” that wonderfully capture the mood of the story. She has captured  each in a style that enhances the magic of the fairy tale. The bear shown here, pondering the moon, is one of a majestic collection illustrating the Princess Behind. It is also my favourite drawing.

Santa’s Reindeer standing in a famous capital. This wondrous illustration of a Deer posing for Amber, is on the cover of three Santa Books

This is one of the cities Santa lived in for many years