Our world is yellow

Our world is yellow

Alien Liberty- Earth’s Air is Yellow


Monumental Expressions:  Yellow Air

Rome, Italy                                              Power Games

Room with a view


St Petersburg, Russia                          Blood and Religion

Red Turning Yellow.


London, England                         Religious Light and Magic

St. Paul’s Cathedral, on the River Thames. Religious and industrial


Copenhagen, Denmark                           A Tale of a Tail

Wet, sad and alone


London, England                                                  Grim Grin

Distinctive emblem of Kew Gardens, London’s largest UNESO World Heritage site.


New York, United States of America              Liberty

The Arm of Liberty


Reykjavik Iceland                                                 Rock Man

One of those days


Niagara, Ontario, Canada                       Niagara Falls

The writing on the barrel.


Florence, Italy                                            Still standing there

I’m not yellow.

Corsica, France                                           My kingdom

Napoleon, Emperor, riding high.


Monaco                                                   This is my World

I see everything

Harry Potter World, England

Harry Potter's garden
The Dark Lord, risen and fallen, in an English garden.