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Featured Book

Alien Liberty the Unseen Woman

Description.      Aliens appear over London as Pale sits alone in her room, dying. The air turns yellow, millions die. As buildings crumble Pale finds herself floating in the air. Clarence, an ex-MI6 agent, realises the aliens have come for Pale but as he tries to hold her she disappears, unseen and unremembered by everyone. With the world in chaos, combined Russian and Chinese fleets prepare to attack the aliens and destroy London. Britain refuses to comply. Russia is determined, the world threatens a nuclear attack, with consequences non foresaw. Maverick, a young genius, realises why the aliens have come. Pale must discover her powers to save the world. Only Clarence, Maverick and Charles, her lost husband, can see and remember Pale. They have 36 hours to help Pale become a superhero and stop Human annihilation.


Not the aliens we were expecting

The mantelpiece clock ticked, 6.14 in the morning. Pale waited. A pine – scented candle glowed in the darkness, the summer sun concealed by heavy beige curtains. Pale faced the blank television, fighting nausea and headache, winding thinning hair around her fingers. The radiotherapy failed, she touched the dull beige hair above her right temple, still there.

The dying candle flickered, Pale caught a reflection of her settee in the television, it was unoccupied. “I’m not here.” She peered at the dark screen, an image of the moon stared back at her.


She looked at the mantelpiece photos in dark wooden frames, her wedding. Charles wearing a smart grey suit, stood in the church porch, smiling and alone. His family, her mother, stared at the camera. “Was I ever there?”

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