Our Roads are Yellow

Our Roads are Yellow

Alien Liberty.   Images of a yellow earth: USA, Iceland & Canada 

Pushing through the snow of New York, Reykjavik, Niagara Toronto, too late, the world was already yellow.

The Roads Are Yellow: The snowy roads of New York lacing between towering monuments, to the flat ice lands of Reykjavik, spanning the space between snow crested mountains, to the thundering waters of Niagara. Roads travelled for many reasons – but there is no escape, the yellow air pervades all.

New York: A winter storm– snow yellow as it fell and settled. Too quickly, we grow accustomed to the yellow air and portends of our demise.

The roads are yellow
Life, so ordinary and yet extraordinary. Did we ever comprehend the difference?


Reykjavik, Iceland:  The roads long and flat, often barely a vehicle in sight. People and cars spanning the spaces between mountains and volcanos. The ice glistening in the yellow air. A different air encompassing a different world.

Reykjavik ice
The ice glistening in the yellow air, encompassing the world.


Niagara Falls: Waters forever tumbling to the thunder gods. Once blue and green. Forever exalting a new life, this one is yellow.

Niagara Thunder gods
Waters forever tumbling to the thunder gods. Once blue and green, exalting a new life, yellow-gold.