Oven Mitts and Naked Bits The Colour of Her Eyes

Oven Mitts and Naked Bits The Colour of Her Eyes

I wake at night, beside her, afraid. I don’t know the colour of her eyes.  And in those fearful moments, I realise, nobody does.

Tony loves the mysterywoman with a passion. He wants to hold her wondrous beauty in his arms, make love, and live together.  But to have her he must resist her, withstand her penetrating mind. She holds her secrets close.  Can Tony be the only man she truly loves and trusts?

A romance of enchantment, two hearts and minds longing for something so close so momentous.

Spring Garden

My heart stops. Is this the moment? The moment I have dreaded since I first reached for her hand? Since we both stood, not touching, naked, our clothes around our ankles. Our eyes fixed on one another. Seconds that grew to minutes. Minutes that never grew cold. My hand afraid to touch, afraid- I never experienced that sense before. That fear, a premonition, that if I touched her, it would be the start of something wonderful. If I touched her, it would be the end. Even then, I sensed she knew. In our nakedness, she did not move, knowing I must choose. We were naked! I could feel her breath upon my skin! I only had to stretch my fingers. Incline my head for our lips to touch. God! I wanted to hold her so much. To feel her within my arms. Oh God! God! God! I had to freeze my feet to the floor to stop them running away. I could not cope- the tension. Heart racing. Hand still. A hair’s breadth from joy! God help me. And he did. She smiled.”

Author Note: “I wake at night beside her, afraid I don’t know the colour of her eyes. And in those fearful moments, I realise nobody does.”  I was intrigued, how could this be possible? Yet as I delved deeper into the mysterious Isabella’s character, I realised she held darker secrets. Tony would need to discover them, for both their sakes.