Perfect Kingdom

Perfect Kingdom

In a land that is perfect, one girl, one boy discover a defect.

The Tangled Wood

Scary Tree

In a land that is not too hot and not too cold lives a young Princess named Samantha. Princess Samantha is a perfect princess, not too tall and not too small, perfect in every way. That is what everyone says.  The Princess has maids to walk before her, maids to dress and brush her hair. Everything is perfect but everything is not as it seems.

A Perfect Kingdom in every way

A Perfect Kingdom, everyone says…?

The Princess Behind

The Princess meets a boy, different to anyone she has met before.  The boy sees something in her no one has seen before. When the Princess tries to find him again she discovers lives, mysteries she did not know existed.

So many mysterious corridors, paths to chose, worlds to see – who knew they existed?

A story of friendship, determination and discovering something precious in oneself. Others may not realise, you may not realise, the precious within you, can change the world.