Santa’s Family

Santa’s Family

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Santa’s Reindeer: Advice, Farts and Smells

Santa’s Reindeer: Advice, Farts and Smells  is advice by flying reindeer to humans. Reindeer call themselves Beautiful Farts and humans, Tall Farts. They think they are so clever and give the strangest, funniest advice on farts, life, climate change, sports, good manners, space  and so much more.

Santa’s Book of Nice Quotes

Santa’s Nice Book of Quotes are quotes by Santa, Mrs Claus, Helpers and friends. Inspirational, insightful and funny quotes covering love, wisdom, climate change, dreams, mystery, wishes, secrets, happiness and so much more.  

Santa’s Reindeer: A Card from Santa

Reindeer Friends and Family

Coming this Christmas:  THE SANTA FAMILY

The Ages of Santa and the New Mrs Claus

Santa’s Nice Book of Quotes

Santa’s Reindeer: Advice, Farts and Smells

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