The Gods of Life

The Gods of Life

The Gods of Life


Women wake to discover their body has changed. Virginia foresees the danger, not only of the loss but how women will see themselves and men will treat them. Angry and determined she fights for women to keep their rights, resisting a return to the 1940s, refusing to be silenced. But she is running out of time, the change moves faster than anyone imagined.




How fragile the things are we hold so close.  The rights women now take for granted can be lost in a day.

 The Lost Vaginas illustrates how quickly an unexpected change can transform our lives. But as important is what we do. Sometimes one person will rise to the occasion and help us all. 


The gods of Life



Stary Night



Virginia is determined to save the best of our world


Virginia wakes, realising something is wrong.

How men and women view themselves and one another other has changed.

First to realise the danger, she must act

before women lose the independence and freedoms they have gained.

The impossible has happened, the unimagined is real.

Published September 2020