Woven Tales for Wee Big Folk

Woven Tales for Wee Big Folk


Who thinks they live in a strange world?  Those with imagination to see other worlds.


Tales may tell of something never heard, never seen, of the rustle of leaves in a world without trees. And some tales tell of worlds forgot and worlds dreamed. We are those tales, dancing with joy and hearts torn, in the mysteries of ordinary and magic. Fragments of clothing tangled in trees, fragrance remembered, of journeys travelled and lives lived. As easy to catch as mists in our hands. We are wee-big folk, weaving tales that cast the tapestry. We are Woven Tales.


Magic openings in walls


Short Stories for Children and Adults. New Found Fairy Tales

Woven Tales is a collection of imaginative short stories for children and adults. Tales of magic, mystery and adventure. Castles, magic doors,, dresses that dance, tears that are dry, rain that has fun…Journeys for everyone. The tales weave through strange themes: What do giants teach? Who is Stormstone the Great? What is in the corridor no one should enter? Enter a scary world and have fun.


Tales of mystery and magic: castles, magic doors in walls, a sad tomato, dresses that dance, a beetle creating wonders, a princess who is not perfect, a door that locks children inside, tears that are dry, rain that has fun…Journeys for everyone.

Woven Tales for everyone

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