Yellow Water Orange Sky

Yellow Water Orange Sky

Images of our Yellow Earth.

Careful, where you walk, where you breath. As the skies turn beautiful orange and the water a shimmering yellow, we discover we are living on yellow earth.  My images, captured with an iPhone, camera and yellow air affects.

Theme: Yellow Water, Orange Sky

Industrial Light and Magic

A beach under my feet, cranes in the sky. A worked landscape transformed by the setting sun.

Southend Sun

A scene made magic:  Chains of clouds beneath a glistening sun.


Home Alone

Yellow sky and sea, a coastal home alone for all to see and wonder

Home Alone

A lonely house slumbering on an English shore, peaceful as if for evermore.


A  time, a world called Iceland.

Caught this magnificent view of ice covered mountains across the changing green to orange landscape. Photo taken between rain showers on my way to the Iceland Whale Museum in Reykjavik. For the conservationist, the whales are life size replicas. Awe inspiring to realise how minute we are against these giants.


Changing green to orange landscape

Ice winds on mountains tops, rain on a changing sea;  A  time, a world called Iceland.


Cyprus: Fiery clouds and setting sun.

Clouds alive




The castle sits atop its island amidst the glowing sky

whilst the sun dips beneath the waves to make another day

The small castle island overlooks the setting sun




A thin stream of light pierced the orange sky

reflected on the sea

An extraordinary ray of light piercing the sky, caught by the sea.


Water, water, everywhere

And all we see is Yellow.

Swans on the water, yellow air for all to see.



Cyprus Orange Sunset

Palm Tree overlooking the Cyprus coast and a beautiful orange sunset.


Portugal: One more stunning day.

Palm Trees, Pool and Sea